Welcome to the Dungeon

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Welcome to the Dungeon is a push-your-luck dungeon delve in which players take turns essentially daring each other to go into a dungeon with less equipment than they start off with while filling the dungeon with monsters. Players can win the game by winning 2 rounds or get eliminated from the game by losing 2 rounds.

The players set up their base character and all the equipment. Each round, the start player can choose to draw a card from the monster deck or pass their turn.

If they choose to draw, they can do one of two things: keep it and de-equip an equipment or place it face down in the dungeon. Placing it face down in the dungeon creates the dungeon deck and fills the dungeon with monsters that the challenger will have to face later. If they choose to pass their turn, they cannot participate in the rest of the round.

The player then flips cards off the dungeon deck and fights the monsters within. If the player survives the dungeon with at least 1 health point, they win that round. If not, they lose. The cards are then reshuffled to make a new monster deck and all the equipment is re-equipped to start a new round.

The game ends when someone has won twice or one player is the last man standing.


Player count: 2-4

Age suitability: 10+

Playing time with experienced players: 30 minutes

Playing time with new players: 30 minutes

Weight / Complexity Rating on Board Game Geek: 1.21 / 5

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Publisher: Iello Games

Designer: Masato Uesugi

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