Tudor - with FREE miniatures and Kickstarter exclusives!

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In Tudor, you are a Lord in the court of King Henry VIII. Here you will be positioning your Courtiers among the influential Lords who grant you actions that allow you to manoeuvre your family members to high title offices and gain their respective Rings of prestige and power. You must be careful though because there are a limited number of seats in each chamber and if no player chooses to have their Lord attend the chamber, then no actions in that chamber may be used.

Use actions to collect diplomatic resources to manoeuvre your Courtiers in the Throne Room and gather Court Tokens for Prestige (Victory Points). Every game uses two different scoring cards that will change how Court Tokens and your Courtiers’ positions in the court grant Prestige. 

Reach the head of the court to gain positions of power and place the position’s ring on a finger of your player screen. The placement of your rings activate a variety of special abilities that enhance the actions your Courtiers can take in the Audience Chambers. You must be vigilant though, for your positions and rings can be stolen by other players!

The player with the most prestige at game end wins.

In each game of Tudor, you will choose to play one of many scenario cards, each with their own special rules that can alter the game in dramatic ways. In addition, choose two different scoring cards to vary gameplay, creating a strategic experience with exceptional replayability.


This bundle includes the base game, the box of 68 miniatures in the four player colours, promo cards and an exclusive Henry VIII miniature, to use as first player token or place on the throne image to enhance your game board!

RRP for base game only: £69.99 


Player count: 2-4

Age suitability: 12+

Playing time: 90-120 minutes

Weighting / Complexity Rating on Board Game Geek: 3.29 / 5

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Publisher: Academy Games

Designer: Jan Kirschner

Publisher's website: https://www.academygames.com/pages/tudor